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1.	Emirates National Oil Company 
	Nature of Business		:	Petroleum Condensate Processing 
	Address			:	Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE 
	Inclusive Dates		:	Dec. 28, 1998 to present 
	Units Handled		: 
		UOP Merox Units (Kerosene, Diesel, LPG Extraction, 
		Naphtha Extraction/Sweetening) 
		Amine Treating Unit Sulfur Recovery Unit 
		Sour Water Stripper Unit 
		Condensate Distillation Unit 02 
	Position			:	Process Control Operator (DCS) 
	Duties/Job Description	:
  • Control the Condensate Distillation Unit and downstream units via the Yokogawa Centum CS DCS.
  • Carries out production plans and objective efficiently and safely within quality standards.
  • Ensures optimum product yields and maximum federate are achieved by monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing the process.
  • Develops or updates process operating guidelines used as general reference on the plants assigned.
  • Checks results of product sample tests and makes adjustment in unit conditions as necessary to obtain desired specifications.
  • Accepts training assignments that may be required to improve knowledge on existing or new equipment and safety and work standards.
  • Defines and sets necessary operating condition changes to optimize the plants operation.
  • Shutdown or start-up units/equipments during shift and gives appropriate orders to field operators after coordinating with other DCS Operator and with the Refinery Shift Supervisor.
  • Coordinates testing of major instrumentation equipment, such as DCS, Fire and Gas Alarm System, etc.
  • Provides training Support services to other plant operators, and other technical staffs.
  • Ensures controllers, alarm summary, and process parameters in the DCS panel, as well as control room mounted instruments and process variables, are in good order.
  • Ensures the efficiency of the field operators under my technical supervision.
  • Discuss with the Refinery Shift Supervisor regarding plant problems on ways to improve plant operation.
  • Proficient in optimizing plant operations.
  • Has knowledge in using Microsoft Office programs.
  • Proficient in writing guidelines and procedures.

2.	Caltex (Philippines) Inc. 
	Nature of Business		:	Petroleum Refining 
	Address			:	Sarmiento Rd., San Pascual, Batangas, Philippines 
	Inclusive Dates		:	Feb. 16, 1992 to Dec. 20, 1998 
	Units Handled		:	UOP NHTU / Platformer Process Cooling Tower; Diesel
					Drying Facilities Crude Distillation and Vacuum Unit 
	Position			:	Field Operator/Upgraded Control Operator
	Duties/Job Description	:	As a Field Operator (16 Feb 1992-May 1996)
  • Monitors outside process equipment
  • Adjusts equipment, valves, pumps and controls and process equipment
  • Authorizes or co-signs maintenance work requests. Checks and follows-up maintenance work of equipments in the unit.
  • Shutdowns, isolate and prepare process units or production equipment for maintenance
  • Samples products, performs tests, records data, and writes production logs.
  • Prepares chemical solutions properly and ensures that correct dosages are maintained.
  • Inspects and tests firefighting and personal protective equipments in accordance with the checklist provided.
  • Participates in safety audits and programs and provide emergency response when required

	Duties/Job Description	:	As a Control Operator (May 1996-Dec 1998)
  • Operates computerized control panel from a central control room to monitor and optimize processes for several processing units.
  • Controls process start-up, shutdown and troubleshooting.
  • Corrects and adjusts operating parameters to meet operating requirements.
  • Responsible for safe, efficient, continuous and correct operation of CDU, VDU, Process Cooling Tower, Diesel Drying Facilities, and Gas recovery System. Works in coordination with Field Operators and Shift Supervisors.
  • Develops operator procedures for normal operation, start-up or shut-down of unit.
  • Works also in a team with shared supervisory responsibilities and participate in training other workers.

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BS Mechanical Engineering, April 1991
Pablo Borbon Memorial Institute of Technology
Batangas City, Philippines

Registered Mechanical Engineer
License No. 0044880, Philippines
Member: Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers, Batangas Chapter

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Date of Birth : 05 October 1969 Nationality : Filipino Civil Status : married E-mail Address :, Contact Numbers   Home Phone : 971-4-3527524   Work Phone : 971-4-8084609   Mobile Phone : 971-50-5357992 Mailing Address : PO Box 31288 Dubai, UAE Organization : Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers, Batangas Chapter Special Skills : Non Linear Video Editing, PC assembling, troubleshooting and networking
  • Fire Fighting Course – Gulf Technical and Safety Training Center LLC- Abu Dhabi, 08 April 2002 and 28 October 2002.
  • Basic First Aid Training Course- Occupational Health Department-MOH Sharjah – 28-29 January 2002
  • Training on Site Emergency Response- Maritime Industrial FireFighting Academy, Dubai, UAE; May 3-4, 2000.
  • Training on Centum CS Fundamentals – Yokogawa Middle East T.C.- Jan. 30 – Feb. 3, 1999.
  • Basic Refinery Training Courses – Caltex (Philippines) Inc- July 1997 to Oct. 1998.
  • Distributive Control System Training – Yokogawa Centum XL –Caltex (Philippines) INC. - 1994
  • Total Quality Management Training Program – Caltex (Philippines) Inc. –1993
  • Permit System/Personal Protective Equipments/Fire Fighting Training by Caltex EHS Dept.-yearly
  • Symposium on Pneumatic Control Technology – FESTO; Feb. 29, 1992
  • Seminar in “Basic Pneumatics and Instrumentations” by SMC Pneumatics (Phil.) Inc. Mar 16, 1991.
  • Batangas Refinery Operators Development (BROD) Program conducted by Caltex (Philippines) Inc. on July 1, to Nov. 19, 1991.

Engr. Amador B. Alcasid
Operations Specialist –Crude Complex
Caltex (Philippines) Inc.
Tel no. 00 63 43 727 1270

Engr. Arthur C. Mendoza
Process Improvement Engineer
Caltex (Philippines) Inc.
Tel no. 00 63 43 727 1270

Engr. Jesus T. Chua
Operations Supervisor
EPCL, Dubai, UAE
Tel no.00 971 50 4560274

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